Attainable goals

In my first couple of years of teaching, I was so overwhelmed. I felt like I was doing everything wrong and not helping my students at all. I was so focused on lessons that didn’t go exactly how I wanted, that I totally missed out on all the positive things that were happening in my […]

Helping English Language Learners in Music

Music Class can be tricky to navigate for our ELLs (English Language Learners). Although music is really fun and engaging, learning lyrics to songs and terms for describing music can be challenging to remember. Lyrics to songs can be difficult for ELLs as there are often slang words, incomplete sentences or words that are used […]

Feeling a little low? Make a sunshine call!

Throughout my teaching career, there have been many days where I have been overwhelmed by the tasks and expectations I place on myself as an educator. If that is you today, stop what you are doing and go make a sunshine call to one of the parents in your class. Delivering positive news will brighten […]

An Idea For Making Learning Fun – Pizza Box Puppet Theatres

Without a doubt, the highlight for this term’s drama classes in the primary grades has been the creation of puppet theatres. We have taken pizza boxes and stick puppets and acted out some familiar stories. The grade two students are currently working on completing their performance of “Where the Wild Things Are”. Leading up to our performances, […]

A school wide activity to gear up for 150!

I am very excited about Canada celebrating its sesquicentennial anniversary this year! There are so many fun activities and a feeling of celebration everywhere you go in our amazing country. To gear up to a big celebration in June, we have been doing small activities every month as a school to get pumped up. Last week in […]

Challenging and Inspiring students in Art class

  Getting students going on the Creative Process can take some thoughtful planning on the part of the teacher. Students are sometimes stuck for ideas and need someone to provide them with a catalyst for inspiration. The chart above is directly from the Ontario Curriculum for the Arts, and gives some great ideas for how […]

Connecting with Students

My arts space is all about sharing who you are, what you think and what you like. I have a standing invitation to any student in all of my classes to share a song, poem, instrument, story or dance that they have learned in their home or community. In the last couple of weeks I […]

Teaching rhythm to grade one

When grade one students start in my music class, we spend a lot of time engaging with and having fun interacting with music. We sing songs, play games and chant a lot of poems and stories. This action helps the students solidify the feeling of concepts such as beat or rhythm in their bodies and minds before we […]

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