Drama in the Classroom: The Good Kind

When thinking of drama as a subject in our curriculum, it is easy to think of it only as a skill that can be learned and mastered. There are a lot of fundamental concepts that we teach – role play, character, relationship, time and place, tension, focus and emphasis. Our students love creating scripts, making […]

A Beginning Teacher’s Journey: Part Two

There are so many realities of teaching, both wonderful and challenging, that don’t cross our minds until suddenly we find ourselves living them. We’ve all gone through the B.Ed certification, taught as Teacher Candidates, taken the AQ courses, memorized the buzz words, read the books… the list goes on and on. All of these things […]

A Beginning Teacher’s Journey: Part One

  I can still remember the exact moment I found out that I was successful in landing my first LTO. I had only been on the supply list for about a month and was less than a year out of teacher’s college. On my drive home from the interview, my phone rang so I frantically […]

“Unboxing” Math Instruction

“I’m not a math person”. This is probably a statement you’ve heard from someone at some point, whether it be a friend, colleague, student or even yourself. It’s something that I grew up truly believing. I grew up believing that I did not have a “math brain” and that it just wasn’t “my thing”. Today, […]

Wisdom Begins in Wonder

    The end of the Kindergarten day. The students are safely back with their parents, the classroom is a mess and I’m probably covered in some form of art medium, tidying blocks, cleaning paint brushes, organizing toys and most importantly, reflecting – reflecting on the deep thinking, problem solving, exploration and discoveries that my […]

Hello, I’m Laura!

My name is Laura Bottrell and I am quite happy to be joining the Heart and Art team for the first time this year. I am an Occasional Teacher in both the Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board and the Grand Erie District School Board, certified in the Primary and Junior Divisions. I had the wonderful opportunity […]

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