Connecting Area and Perimeter to Art-Piet Mondrian

Whenever possible, I search for ways to integrate the curriculum to create deeper learning opportunities for students and connect to the world around them.  It has always been easy to make connections between geometry and art.  Measurement and art wasn’t something that I had integrated much before.  However, in working with my Teacher Candidate from the […]

Mindfulness Tips for Stress Reduction

I’ve recently spent some time with fellow educators and health care practitioners in order to find solutions to an all too prevalent issue.  Burn out, stress, compassion fatigue or empathy fatigue; whatever you call it, it is a reality for those in caring professions like teaching and health care.  The room was filled with women […]

Having Math Anxiety May Make Me a Better Math Teacher

Growing up I had many terrible experiences with math, which started when I moved schools mid-way through the year in grade three.  At my old school we hadn’t learned about multiplication yet.  In my new school, they were already on division.  Skipping that step in my math learning haunted me through high school.  My parents […]

Finding Balance in a Digital World

When I first began teaching, over 20 years ago, I spent a lot of personal money on “resources”.  In teacher’s college I worked part time at The Teacher’s Store and spent the majority of my paycheque on black line master books, “units” and teacher’s guides, which took up space on my book shelves and in […]

“Portable” Teaching

So…you found out your classroom is in a portable. In my fourth year of teaching I was assigned planning time coverage to primary classes and had a portable to deliver the physical education program, which was an interesting challenge, particularly in the winter. Getting kindergarten students dressed, out to a portable with winter gear, out […]

Hello from Michelle Fenn

Hello everyone.  I am excited to be blogging with ETFO’s Heart and Art this year.  I can’t wait to begin collaborating with you.  You can follow me on Twitter @Toadmummy

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