Having Math Anxiety May Make Me a Better Math Teacher

Growing up I had many terrible experiences with math, which started when I moved schools mid-way through the year in grade three.  At my old school we hadn’t learned about multiplication yet.  In my new school, they were already on division.  Skipping that step in my math learning haunted me through high school.  My parents […]

Why then? What now?

Friendships, extra-curricular activities, and field trips are all amazing parts of the school experience. Ask anyone to recall their most memorable moments across the years, and they usually make mention of one or all of the above. Reflecting on my own time in the classroom these memories are the remnants of many happy times if I ignore the minor […]

A Week of Inspirational Math

To begin the year of math instruction, most of the junior division teachers in my school decided to try Jo Boaler’s “Week of Inspirational Math” on YouCubed. Jo Boaler is one of the leading researchers in mathematics education and focuses largely on developing mathematical mindsets. On the website, there are many high quality resources […]

A Wonder-Ful Start to the Year

This year I am teaching a grade 5/6 class. I’m learning a lot as I transition from teaching a grade 2/3 class last year. I have always had a heart for the younger grades but as I am getting to know my new group of grade fives and sixes, I feel my heart growing. I […]

Report Cards Are Coming: Professional Reporting

Elementary Report Cards … the mere mention of report cards can send some teachers into anxious ridden days and sleepless nights. Even after 17 years of writing elementary report cards, I anticipated that my levels of anxiety would be non-existent but, no, for me, the thought of report card writing still stresses me out. I […]

It’s like September all over again

Have you ever walked into a classroom and did a double take? Trying to gather your bearings, did it feel as if you’d been in that exact same spot and the very same moment before? I know it’s happened to me and wonder if other educators feel this way? Returning to the classroom in September can be […]

Musings Of A New(ish) Teacher On The First Days Of The School Year

Happy first week back to school! This past Tuesday marked the beginning of my 9th year of teaching and I still feel a little bit like a newbie. Like many, I struggled with falling – and staying – asleep on Monday night. Every year I think that it will somehow be a little different and […]

Hello from Arianna Lambert

Hello! I am so excited to begin this blogging journey with Heart and Art. I look forward to connecting, sharing and learning together. Enjoy the rest of the summer.

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