The test

I am sitting in a room that silently waits for its students. Merely by the way the desks are arranged, the world knows that it’s not going to be another normal day. Today is test day. Yup, that TEST. With some trepidation, students will enter the classroom which has now been transformed overnight from a collaborative […]

Keep swinging for the fences

Spring is definitely here, perhaps this is not so evident in our temperamental weather, but by the fact that baseball season is back. In honour of that I wanted to share some connections to how being a student of the game is like learning in the classroom. I look at baseball as a sport for all ages and genders. Everyone can […]

Rebound From Your Mistakes

Perfectionism seems to be a common character trait of teachers in that they expect to be perfect at everything they do. They must have perfect lessons, they have to have perfect classroom displays, they expect perfect interviews and so on and so on. If this level of achievement has not been met they often feel […]

Celebrating You

As my all time favourite author Dr. Seuss said, “Today you are you! That is truer than true! There is no one alive who is you-er than you!” If you are like me at all, you have difficulty accepting compliments from colleagues, administrators, students and/or parents for the commitment that you put forth in your […]

Yikes! I’m Teaching A “Split” Grade Class

Meet Linda. The start of the school year has come and gone and she has finally been successful at landing her first Long Term Occasional teaching assignment in October. It’s an FDK/Grade 1 class, and given the dynamics of the FDK program, she struggles to even make sense of what that might actually look like. […]

The Power Of A Story

Story is a magical tool that can bring to your students exactly what they need or want at any time in your day, week, month or year. When my students need to laugh I find a story that brings us to belly laughing. When my students need to understand empathy, a story helps them look […]

The Re-Org

Well, it’s bound to happen in any school once, but again? That’s new. I teach in an amazing school in York Region that opened in Sept. 2014; right in the middle of a growing subdivision. Our original numbers for K to 8 seemed modest  at 300+ last year, and have since grown to over 5oo+ and rising in 2015. […]

My O.B.I.T (open biographical info time)

I ‘ve always wondered about the biography portion of blog sites. Do people read them? If they do read that section, does it connect or disconnect them more to the writer? Do the writers keep them updated? After all, it’s a two way street. What happens when the blogger writes something disagreeable? Do readers continue subscribing to see […]

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