Building Inclusion

Modifications and Accommodations in the Music Room

Modifications and accommodations happen daily in every classroom in Ontario. Teachers strive hard to make sure that their students have the necessary tools and supports to help them achieve the expectations of the Ontario Curriculum or modified goals. The following are some of the accommodations and/or modifications that I have used this year with a […]

This is who I am

Through the winter inquiry my senior kindergarten students and I are involved in at the moment, I have recently been reminded of the importance of seizing opportunities for students that can spark a sense of self and place within the school setting.  In one of our classes, we have a five-year old Inuk girl who is from […]

Desks on the move

I did it. I rearranged the classroom. Strike up the band! And I promise to do it again in the future. Even sooner if it suits the needs of our class. Admittedly, as a bonus, I enjoy seeing the reactions of students as they discover their new, albeit temporary, learning spots. Our classroom is on its […]

Suggestions for Making Your Classroom ELL Friendly

This year I have the opportunity to serve my school as an English as Second Language (ESL) teacher for the first time. This privilege allows me to support students in Primary, Junior and Intermediate grades as they navigate the landscape of school and English language acquisition. But to be honest, I have alway been an […]

Occasional Teachers As Partners

In my classroom an Occasional Teacher is referred to as a Guest Teacher for many reasons. The most important being that the person who arrives that day is first and foremost a teacher. That individual is a qualified teacher who is there to help students continue on their daily academic journey. They are not there […]

Is Beethoven in heaven?

Every day in our classrooms, we are asked a million questions. Where do I write my name? How long does this have to be? Where do I sit? Most are easily answered quickly. However, every once in a while a question is asked that can be incredibly difficult to answer. This kind of question came […]

Creating an Inclusive Space in the Classroom

(Disclaimer: I suppose some of this could be considered controversial or unpopular. This is obviously being written as my personal opinions/beliefs and not meant to suggest that anyone who is doing things differently is doing something wrong.) I work hard to make all students and their families feel welcome in my classroom. It’s important to […]

Hallowe’en for the head, heart, and heck of it.

It’s October 30. It’s a Friday. That means it is the eve of all hallows eve. Hallowe’en, as if things aren’t strange enough on Fridays in the classroom. Days like today are good social opportunities that are fun and chaotic. However, they can also be awkward and stressful for some students. In my class, the students have streamed […]

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