My LTO and technology in the classroom

After supplying a week at Ancaster Meadow a very exciting elementary school in Ancaster, I applied for the LTO in the classroom I had been in. I was accepted into the position and am now starting a new journey as a teacher of grade 6/7. This has been the most exciting experience as I am trying everyday new things to inspire and focus the students. I am using the smart board daily as a way to keep them connected to my new blog and to show them examples of how to do certain assignments. As I teach them literacy the most, it is very important that I model most of their assignments for them. The smart board has given me a large amount of access to this.

I have also used the computer to set them up for their lessons with instructions on the board and showed them various videos during History about food in New France. I am about to show my students life during the settlement in New France.

I am very fortunate to have my amazing Macbook Pro which has a mark book in it where I can continually be recording records and notes about all the students. I am also really using my other programs such as pages and encouraging my students to use this to type up their new assignment; writing news articles about their partners.

I am so fortunate to have these many opportunities to use technology in the classroom. I also had a period with grade fives where they were to use their devices to research specific topics. Technology has helped me get started with my new role and aids me everyday. I am so fortunate to be in my new classroom and to have the help of my friend, technology.

For those of you who are interested, my classroom blog is



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I am a new permanent instrumental music teacher/librarian in the Hamilton Wentworth School Board and am really excited for the opportunity to teach and learn in many different classroom settings. I have an instrumental music focus but love to teach all subjects! I am excited to share my experiences online.

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