First Week

Assessment and Planning for Reports


Whenever I complete reports, I seem to reflect on the practice of evaluation and how to improve my assessment practices. Here is what I have  noticed: assessment begins when you first meet your students. This provides a starting point, so you can recognize growth or progress. Initial observations may seem too obvious to record, but […]

Preparing for the First Day

This year I will be moving classrooms and divisions. Teaching a grade 5/6 class at the other end of school from the Kindergarten section will be a big change for me and also for my students. I am sure they will be looking for glimpses of the “Kindergarten Teacher” that they saw in the halls […]

Matchmakers: Creative Ways of Forming Groups


I’m always looking for different ways of forming groups either for teams in games or for class projects/presentations. I like to make sure that not everyone is always working together with their friends. In a book called Energizers and Other Great Cooperative Activities for All Ages (Quest Books, 1991) I hit the jackpot. I know […]

Classroom Management Tools


As a supply teacher, I was constantly in and out of different classrooms on a daily basis. I found so many great ideas that I knew I would use (or modify) when I got my own classroom. I believe that classroom management is key! It not only helps students feel that they are in a […]

Getting to Know your Students

Roz Geridis - web

At the beginning of the year I complete some activities about the classroom environment. I look to build a community environment highlighting the classroom is as much theirs as it is mine. We completed a few activities but I wanted to share this particular one because the student responses really helped me understand and get […]

Setting Up My Grade 3 Classroom

Classroom Set-Up

A week and a half before school started, I accepted a Grade 3 LTO position at Joshua Creek Public School in the  Halton District School Board. As this was my very first experience having to set up my classroom and start the  school year off with my own class, I was a bit nervous yet […]

Getting Started In A New Grade and School


As I return to blog about my experiences this year, I have a different perspective of some of the challenges that September brings. In addition to a new program (Full-Day Kindergarten), I am also at a new school. The change is exciting, but learning the culture and practices of a new school takes time, as […]

Getting Ready for the Art of Teaching and Learning

How I share learning goals and reflection questions with students each day

If you would thoroughly know anything, teach it to others. -Tryon Edwards As I headed into my classroom today to set up our learning environment for this year, I stood in the middle and looked around at the space which, in a few days, will be filled with curious faces wondering what this year will […]

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