Connecting as a Class

After hopefully bonding together over the course of the year, it’s always nice to get the students to formally acknowledge/remininsce about how they bonded as a class. One is a new one I’m going to try called Friendship Connections (source:Energize). Materials: Large ball of yarn and paperclip for each student Directions: Sit together in a […]

French a la carte

I’m not sure who coined that expression but if I wasn’t a Core French teacher, it would bring to mind the image of a quaint dessert trolley featuring a variety of artfully baked pastries. Funnily enough, when I typed in that subject heading to get some different ideas of carts on the market, that is […]

Teaching on the Run

I have recently returned from mat leave to my usual position of Core French Teacher in Grades 7 and 8 (not easy to get out of that one…) but this time with a major change which has greatly impacted my job – no classroom. For the past 10 years, I have always had the luxury of […]

Effective Planning for Core French – From Scratch

Effective Planning for Core French – From Scratch Core French is an interesting subject to teach that is full of…paradoxes so to speak. Interestingly enough, I’ve never seen any other subject area where the resources are so painstakingly developed. In some, there is a detailed breakdown by the minute of each lesson accompanied by an […]

The Unit Plan: The Timeless Form of the Pyramid

This may seem redundant, but I found that unit planning comes up frequently as a topic of interest during workshops for beginning teachers. This is probably due to the overwhelming nature of the job and all of the simultaneous demands coming at you. Consequently, a weekly (let alone a daily) plan is as forward thinking […]

Crepes- Tradition Meets Delicious in French Class

Last year I wrote a blog about making crepes in French class as an opportunity for cultural enrichment. Although students really seem to enjoy making and (especially) eating them, it can be an even more interesting experience knowing the history and tradition behind them. Many years ago, I came across a thorough history of the […]

New Years Equals a New Leaf

     I know there are lots of clichés around the start of the New Year and I have to say that I believe in every one of them. As far as teaching is concerned (in my experience), there are guaranteed to be two magical times of the year where everything goes smoothly and you feel […]

Social, Popular, Empathetic and Strong Leaders – Today’s Bullies?

Back in October, I read an article in the Globe and Mail by Anthony Volk entitled “Why Bullies Do What They Do.” In brief, it was a very succinct yet comprehensive synopsis of the causes and (proposed) solutions to bullying. At the time, something about it stuck with me and I came back to it […]

A Response to “Talking and Listening Chairs” – Les tête-à-tête sont une nécessité

Having read Sangeeta’s blog about how ongoing conflicts can sometimes hijack your teaching agenda, I was struck with her concept of the “Talking and Listening Chairs”. From my own experience, I know that students seem to run into MANY misunderstandings and oftentimes lack both the forum and the verbal skills necessary to successfully solve their […]

Classroom Management Core French Style Part 3 – Running With It

Allow the Class to Be Part of the Solution When confronted with issues of classroom management, you need to make allies of your students who are obviously an integral part of the solution. Don’t worry, your students will be all too eager to share their perspective and insight. While a class meeting is sometimes an […]

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