Examples of Alternative IEP Goals

Writing goals on an alternative IEP can be a daunting task for a teacher who has never done it before. That has been my experience this year as it is my first year teaching an amazing group of students with Developmental Disabilities. I have written many modified IEPs over the course of my career. I […]

Learning about Menstruation for girls with Developmental Disabilities

A few weeks ago, I heard my student screaming in the bathroom. I mean really screaming. The bathroom is located right across the hall from our class and two of us bolted to the door to see what the problem was. 8,000,000 things went through my mind in the 4 seconds it took me to […]

Helping our Parents Find the Supports They Need

This is my first year in the role of classroom teacher for students with developmental disabilities and looking back over the past four months, I have really learned a lot. I have written my first IEPs, programmed for 9 different children and learned new assessment techniques. However, some of the biggest learning I have had […]

Best December of Teaching

I just had the best December of teaching ever!! I left school on such a high note on December 21st and have carried the joy right into my holidays. I have been trying to put my finger on what made this December so special and fantastic and I think it has to do with the […]

One Sore Throat and Two Stomach Flus

Today in my class, I have one really bad sore throat and two of the ERFs in my classroom are off with the stomach flu. So, I thought today might be a good day to talk about personal wellness. We are coming up to the last three weeks of school before the break and these […]

Our First Field Trip Into The Community!!

This is my first year being a teacher of students with developmental delays. Being new to the role, some days are very successful and some days are a definite work in progress. Even with the possibly of bumpy days, I decided that my lack of experience was not going to stop me from setting up […]

Student Led Conferences in a Special Needs Class

I am so lucky to be working in a class with students who have special needs. I am so proud of them everyday for everything that they learn and how kind they are to others around them. My students are just a whole bunch of awesome! For those of you who are used to student […]

Parent-Teacher Interviews

It is that time of year again! It is time to meet with parents to discuss their child’s progress. Over the past 11 years of teaching I have made tons of errors when meeting with parents. I have been too academic in my language at some points and I also have not been specific enough […]

Activities for Community Building in A Special Needs Class

This year, I am new to my school. My students are all new to the school. 2 out of 3 ERFs in the class are also new to the school. It is a whole bunch of new!! With all this newness,  we have spent a lot of September getting to know each other and our […]

Changing Jobs

This year I have moved schools and made a fairly substantial switch in career paths from being a full-time music teacher in a K-5 school to a teacher of 9 intermediate students with Developmental Disabilities. It has been quite a big change but one that has brought a complete renewal of energy and excitement to teaching. […]

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