Bell Let’s Talk Day

Yesterday was Bell Let’s Talk Day which, as we know, is a great chance to engage in mental health conversations in our classroom. In my grade seven classroom, we opened up by discussing what the quote “It’s okay to not be okay” meant to everyone. Students were excited to open up and share about ideas […]

At a loss for words

Did anyone else have a very hard time before class Thursday, January 7th? Thinking about how to start discussing the terrorist attacks in the United States on Wednesday, January 6th? I spent the entire evening feeling sick about the whole situation. Then, an entirely new wave of anxiety came over me knowing that I would […]

New Year’s Resolutions

Hello all and I hope you had a lovely Christmas with whomever you were “allowed” to surround yourself with.I spent the holidays with my close family and enjoyed some quality time at home this year rather than visiting our favourite mouse in Florida. We are thankfully booked in for next Christmas as we are hoping […]

Teaching in Small Groups

Every day when teaching remotely, I worry when I do not hear from a student for the entire day. Either they did not post in the chat that day or they did not turn on their microphone. I often wonder if they are even there. I had to think of something to reach every child […]

From zero to one hundred, real quick!

As my online teaching journey continues, I find myself always thinking about the importance of reaching all students. Last week, I noticed I only had about 13 out of 31 students participating daily. I wouldn’t see the other students writing in the chat, posting in the discussion section or raising their hand to speak on […]

Deciding whether or not to make the switch…

Happy Thanksgiving Weekend! For most of us, this is a weekend to relax with close family while eating turkey, but for many families, the deadline is looming close as they have until Monday to decide if their child will be returning to the physical classroom or not. In my school board, our re-organization date where […]

Remote Learning Reflections

Welcome back! I am sure we have all had one of the most bizarre Septembers of our careers. What seemed like a crazy year last year has the potential to be topped this year. From wondering how many students would be in our class to uncertainties regarding our positions, we really need to be prepared […]

Looking on the bright-side during this dark time.

During this time at home, we are all probably having positive and negative learning moments. From seeing students thrive for the first time to having zero assignments turned in, the highs and lows have been a rollercoaster over the past few months. However, during this time for my sanity, I need to focus on the […]

Distance Learning: Week One

Hello all! I hope everyone had a great first week of e-learning whether you are a teacher doing this first your first time, a parent helping their child navigate sign ins and questions or if you are a student that is doing their best to learn in a new way. I know that it felt […]

New learning

It is hard to select a specific topic at this time. I find it hard each day to think about the school year, just sad to be out of the classroom and away from my students. It has already been such a hard year on the students with extracurriculars taken away and missing more than […]

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