Rolling with the Punches

I’m the first person to admit that I don’t like change. I don’t handle it very well and I don’t handle uncertainty well either. I like to have all the information and I like to plan ahead. I know I’m not the only one! This is not the time for people like me. Our world is […]

How is bowling like teaching?

Think about a 7-10 split in bowling. You aim right down the middle and knock over all the pins except for the two at the back corners. Happens to me all the time! “The ball is the lesson, the pins are the kids. We aim for the middle. We do the best we can. The […]

Distanced But Closer: Changed Relationships

Distance learning has offered rewards and challenges that I’m sure no educator could have seen coming their way. As our school year’s end is approaching, I’ve been spending a lot of time reflecting on  the overall experience of distance learning for myself and my students. While I could probably write for days about all of […]

Teacher Performance Appraisal: Advice for New Teachers

The core element of the New Teacher Induction Program is the performance appraisal process. All new teachers will have two performance appraisals within the first 12 months of their position as part of NTIP. For some, the thought of this can be overwhelming and daunting, even if you’re a confident and experienced teacher. There are […]

New Teacher Induction Program

Most newly hired permanent teachers aren’t exactly “new teachers” by the time they achieve permanent status. This is actually my fourth year as a classroom teacher, and the case is similar for many (most?) others. However, participation in the New Teacher Induction Program (NTIP) is a mandatory part of a new permanent teacher’s first year […]

What Can We Learn From Halloween Candy?

Math talks encourage participation, nurture intuition, build fluency, and enhance mental math strategies. Most importantly, math talks improve students’ ability to justify and defend their thinking. In my own practice, this instructional strategy has been the most valuable window into my students’ thinking. Sometimes the best math talks come from things that seemingly involve no […]

A Beginning Teacher’s Journey: Part Four

Since I started blogging with Heart & Art three years ago, I like to think I’ve had an ongoing storyline in my “A Beginning Teacher’s Journey” posts. So far, I’ve written three instalments. A Beginning Teacher’s Journey: Part One reminisces about the day I found out I had been hired to the Occasional Teacher list in […]

The Perpetual “First Year Teacher” Feeling

This year will be my fourth school year as an LTO teacher. I have had a variety of wonderful experiences from Kindergarten up to grade six. Aside from having to move schools and build new relationships each year, the biggest downside to being an LTO teacher is seldom (or never) having the chance to revise […]

Beginnings and Endings

We are so lucky to have a career that has built-in beginnings and endings. Beginnings are inspiring and exciting. September brings us a brand new year. For some of us, it will also bring a new grade, new school, new students, new classroom, or some combination of those things. It’s a chance to start fresh, reinvent, […]

Capturing Their Wonder

Our classroom motto is “wisdom begins in wonder”. This quote, from Socrates, represents the core of my beliefs about teaching. I believe that every child holds a natural curiosity about the world around them, and that the most powerful learning happens when that curiosity is answered with opportunity. Many classes at my school work on […]

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