Professional Learning: an AHA! Moment

How many of us have  sat through professional learning meetings, in-services, workshops, and lunch-and-learns and went back to our classrooms feeling inspired and motivated to take some risks in our practice to better our learning and consequently, that of our students? The answer: all of us. On the other hand, how many of us have […]

No Bully Zone

Never be bullied into silence. Never allow yourself to be made a victim. Accept no one’s definition of your life, but define yourself. -Harvey S. Firestone This past week I watched a screening of the upcoming movie/documentary “Bully” directed by Lee Hirsch.  It was a highly emotional experience for every educator in attendance and the conclusion […]

Just Let Us Be Kids!

Today, during our Gr.5/6 Writer’s Workshop, we were visited (as we regularly are) by a group of “kindies” who dropped by  to share what they had learned and created while exploring constellations.  The fact that the Kindergarten teacher and I have a similar view on the importance of celebrating children’s learning across the grades could […]

Engaging and Supporting Kids Through Technology

One of my favourite moments to take in during a school day is watching kids as they become completely engaged in their learning.  I love to see their eyes light up, their facial expressions full of curiosity, and the buzz of interested voices in deep conversation.  It’s what teaching and  learning should be all about. […]

Success Criteria: Let’s Accomplish Our Learning Goal

I remember sitting in a workshop last year where we were challenged to look deeper at the learning goals we set for our students and how we should co-create the success criteria in order to ensure that students understand how to achieve the goal or expectations set out for a particular unit/strand.  I also remember […]

Constructive and Productive Parent-Teacher Conferences

Just having read Alison’s post “Reflecting On Reporting” I have to admit that all too often we tend to become focused on assessing our students with tools and strategies that can feel overwhelming in our need to “get it right” with respect to our evaluation of the students’ progress.  The fact that “a picture says […]

The Importance of Communication in the Parent-Teacher Partnership

As we devote the next few days to completing our report cards and prepare for our parent-teacher conferences, I’d like to share an experience that really came to prove that  how often and the manner in which we communicate with our students’ families and caregivers really makes a difference to in supporting and furthering their […]

Let’s Reflect, Read, and Regroup!

Just like Alison, I too enjoy taking some time during my breaks to reflect on the teaching and learning during the previous months in our classroom.  I agree with the fact that it’s a wonderful opportunity to take a closer look at our work, experiences, progress, etc.  in order to celebrate what we did well […]

Don’t Reinvent the Wheel- Use Your Resources!

I recently shared a Financial Literacy unit I did with my Grade 5/6 class last year where we explored the topic of “needs and wants” and integrated the inquiry with Literacy, Math, and the Arts.  Our class was filmed and the lessons, along with the videos, are now available on Edugains, the Ministry of Education […]

When Our Teaching Comes Full Circle

There are moments in our teaching career when we can say that all the lessons that really mattered manifest themselves in the way our students think about and live their life.  Once in a while we’re lucky enough to experience how they apply what they’ve learned to real-life contexts which demonstrate their deep understanding of […]

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