One student at a time…

Sometimes when I look at my students, I wonder: how can I meet the needs of everyone? Will I be able to support the student who is feeling bullied or the student who struggles to grip a pencil? Will I figure out the best way to explain to a parent that we are focusing on […]


Thinking about Roz’s commitment to taking care of herself, I realize that one way I have been taking care of myself is by making a mental list of “go-to-people”. In my classroom, my students have “go-to people” they can approach when they need some help: it may be someone who draws comics well or someone […]

Making Connections with Family

Thinking about Carmen’s experiences at her “Meet the Teacher” night reinforces for me how important it is to connect with the families of our students. Building inclusion goes beyond what we do in our classrooms and if we are going to connect with family members, using less jargon and the words of our students can […]

Choice in the learning environment

Returning to the classroom after working at a central level for 6 years has been an awesome experience so far…I feel like a beginning teacher all over again! One of the interesting questions that I thought about when planning my first week had to do with choice: how do we know when to involve our […]

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