Bringing Personal Excitement and Passion to the Classroom-Outdoor Education

In the first chapter of The Heart and Art of Teaching and Learning, four themes of success were shared.  These themes were compiled from teachers’ stories about what contributes to their success in the classroom.  I had the opportunity to observe one of those themes, the passion for teaching, first hand when I watched my […]

Let’s not Forget Stations

Stations are one way to differentiate learning to meet different learners’ needs.  Stations can be a lot of work to prepare, but I am always pleased with the level of engagement and the pace of the learning when students learn through stations.  I don’t do stations nearly as often as I should, but lately I […]

Accountable Talk

I agree with Sangeeta, there is nothing like a room buzzing with students…talking!!!   I don’t think that you can have a collaborative engaging learning environment without a little noise. Frank Serafini has written a number of books about developing engaging reading programs (e.g., The Reading Workshop, Lessons In Comprehension) and he is often invited to […]

Drama and Dance Resource

Report Cards are fast approaching and I can’t help hear some teachers comment that they need to teach and assess drama and dance ASAP!  For those who are not comfortable teaching drama or dance or for those who do not have much experience or access to drama and dance resources, it can be a challenge […]

An Integrated Unit- A Chair for Baby Bear

  The culminating task for our unit on strong and stable structures was the highlight of my first four months back in the classroom.   My colleague and friend, Catherine Little, who is currently teaching science at York University at the Faculty of Education, generously offered her time and expertise by facilitating the launch of this […]

The Whole Child

As a third grade teacher, I sometimes get caught up and distracted by the fast approaching EQAO assessment.  Our school doesn’t fair very well in the EQAO world and there is a lot of talk about getting the students ready.  One way our school is preparing students for the assessment is by providing them practice […]

The Power of Co Teaching

I have heard about the power of co teaching for some time now, but I have only had the opportunity to experience co teaching first hand in recent weeks.  I am sold!  Co teaching mathematics with my teaching partner and Family of Schools Math Coach challenges me and engages me in authentic context based professional […]


Like Roz, since September,  I have been up really late most nights planning, organizing, assessing, and trying to keep up with board and school initiatives.   Most nights, I go to bed t feeling good about the engaging activities I have planned for my students.  Then the alarm rings 5 – 6 hours later… I find […]

Tweeting To Families

Although I am well aware of the concerns and dangers of participating in web based social media sites with students, social media platforms such as and are quickly becoming powerful classroom tools. I am excited about these web based social media platforms and the potential they have for engaging students with curriculum and […]

Break Cards

At times last month, it was a challenge to manage some of the behaviours demonstrated in my classroom.  I have some students who have difficulty focusing and completing tasks even when I have supported their learning with modifications and/or accommodations.   Each evening I would drive home trying to think of a new plan for settling […]

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