Beginning a GSA at your school

For many school boards across Ontario, students can participate in extra curricular activities again during the 2021-2022 school year. For those of you thinking about starting a QSA or GSA in your school this fall (yeah!), here are few tools and pieces of information to get you started! What is a QSA and GSA? A […]

Welcome to another year!!

My name is Tammy Axt and I am really excited to be blogging for the 2021-2022 school year. This is me:   I am fortunate, that for the umpteenth time in my teaching career, I am changing roles yet again! I started my career in the senior division with a grade 11 class, moved to […]

Survival tips

I am not talkative. I will share my voice in writing though. Perhaps it is more a function of selective participation rather than voluntary silence. Writing provides me with some permanence, albeit only in pixels, as much as it does a chance to reflect on the words I do choose to share. Instead of my […]

3 things

It’s  the start of week 3 in most public schools, and it feels like we are in for some long months ahead. I have 3 things to share to start the year: 1. Hybrid teaching sucks 2. Your students have something to tell you 3. Did I mention that hybrid still sucks? 1. Despite the […]

Invisible, unpaid, voluntary hours

  2020/2021 has been a very challenging school year for educators. We’ve worked thousands of hours to make the school year work for our students. It was exhausting, working through weekends with few real breaks away from school tasks. Thousands of teachers worked long, invisible, unpaid, voluntary hours. Why did teachers work so hard? It […]

What I wish I had known three years ago

Three years ago, I moved to my current school in the role of self-contained teacher of students with developmental disabilities. When I applied for the job, I did not have extensive experience with self-contained programming or even special education for that matter. All I knew was that I loved working with students who had exceptionalities […]

Thank You, Teachers!!

Thank you for everything that you have done this year. Thank you for supporting students who felt isolated and alone. Thank you for supporting students while you received unclear communication and direction from the Ministry of Education. Thank you for becoming an expert in IT to support students and parents through device issues. Thank you […]

Before you click “End the call”

After 10 months of learning at the lag and speed of education during a pandemic, the end of this school year is at hand. Our students and fellow educators have been through so much. Considering the obstacles(emotional, physical, virtual), doubt, stress, isolation, frustration, and constantly shifting plans that elected and system leaders have laid before […]

Top Ten Tips for Attending Virtual Professional Learning for Educators

So much learning is happening virtually now and it is amazing.  I recently attended a virtual EdTech Conference in Nebraska!  This is an opportunity I never would have been able to take advantage of before the pandemic.  I have attended a number of virtual conferences during COVID and I’ve also organized and facilitated virtual learning […]

Getting involved in your ETFO

Since this space is dedicated to encouraging new teachers it seems like a great time to share some of the important benefits that you can gain from getting involved early on in your careers in education.  So here is a little list and some handy links for you to click on to get you started; […]

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