The Importance of Communication in the Parent-Teacher Partnership

As we devote the next few days to completing our report cards and prepare for our parent-teacher conferences, I’d like to share an experience that really came to prove that  how often and the manner in which we communicate with our students’ families and caregivers really makes a difference to in supporting and furthering their […]

Parent/Teacher Interviews: Connecting, Celebrating, Planning, Supporting

Samantha’s experience with parent/teacher interviews was powerful and resonated with my view of the important partnership we share with our students’ care-givers. This year I structured my interviews in order to connect, celebrate, plan, and support both students and parents.  In each interview I made sure to: CONNECT: Catching up with parents after our Curriculum […]

Parent Teacher Interviews

Heart Picture

Parent teacher interviews are definitely one of the things that I love about my job. To date, I have spent  7 hours a day, for  53 consecutive days (excluding weekends and P.A. days) with these little young people and during parent teacher interviews, I get to speak at depth (at greater depth than  telephone interviews […]

Staying Connected

Similarly to Tina and Roz, I use different means of communication to stay connected with families throughout the year, mostly our classroom website, face-to-face contact, and agendas. It is difficult to limit yourself to one tool to suit the needs of all families. At the beginning of the year I send a paper newsletter and […]

Connecting with Parents

As the busy school year develops, parent communication is very important. All parent(s) want to know what his/her child is learning at school. Having a 5/6 all boys class made me find ways to involve the boys and open the communication for the family and to the school. To describe my class a little, it […]

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