Teacher Wellness

School year start up

Well we are already four weeks in and hopefully it has been a great start of the school year for everyone. I am now teaching a grade eight class, teaching math, science, history/geography, language, art and drama. I was overwhelmed at first thinking about all of the subjects I would be responsible for but I […]

The Risks of Vaccination Vacations

………. https://i.kinja-img.com/gawker-media/image/upload/s–n7cJ-LTe–/c_scale,fl_progressive,q_80,w_800/rr4bz7xerbtjbdusoktw.mp4 ………. Canadian Health Headlines 2018  Measles case confirmed at Skookum Festival, multiple Vancouver locations Why does Europe suddenly have measles? Mumps makes a comeback in Canada and the U.S. Whooping cough outbreaks in Canada tied to lower vaccine immunity Update on invasive meningococcal vaccination for Canadian children and youth How HPV is causing […]

Let’s talk about P

Let’s talk about P Yes, this blog is about teachers’ urination and the lack of opportunities to do so! I’ve been teaching over 19 years now and I know I am having a good day when I have eaten my lunch – before 3 pm, and had a pee break. Teachers often joke about this, […]

What’s really scary

Ir’s October 31st, and in the chilling shrills of SCTV’s Count Floyd, “AAH-OOOOOOOOOOOOO, it’s very scary!!!!” That’s right zomboys and ghouls, two months of school have flown past faster than a banshee in a frighter jet. Did you stop to breathe? Have you had a chance? Did the start of the new school year take your breath away? […]

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