The Daily 5

Chime and Chant Language Learning

When I was in the Faculty of Education one of my Associate Professors was Jean Malloch, author of “Chime In” and other professional teaching resources.  I learned from her the importance of rhythm and rhyme in the early acquisition of language.  I also love to read and write poetry.   While growing up my sisters […]

The Daily Five

I recently was asked by the principal at Ancaster Meadow to start integrating “The Daily Five” program into my classroom as was every teacher in my school. I just am starting to implement this program and I will be fully into the swing of things by Monday! I would love to share my program with […]

Work on Writing

One of my colleagues does The Daily 5 in her classroom. In my Board, this is an initiative that we are all currently working towards. When I used the Daily 5 in my classroom, I sometimes found it hard to constantly keep my students engaged in the Work on Writing aspect of this program. After […]

The Daily 5

 This year, the initiative our Primary Team has taken on in regards to literacy, is implementing  The Daily 5 and CAFE. For those of you whom are unfamiliar with the 2, they are based on books  written by “The Sisters”, Joan Moser and Gail Boushey. These books are a great (easy) read and  gives you […]

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