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Today was a very interesting day for learning that took a different direction than I anticipated. We started off talking about ideas for the holiday assembly when I mentioned to my students that I would like them to survey the grade to find out their interest. It seemed unfair to force a grade of students to be involved in an assembly unless they really wanted to. Five of my students surveyed the entire grade about how they wanted to be involved. It was great to see them learning the process of how to create a survey (using google forms) and then administering it to their peers. Twenty minutes later, we created one to see if and how we should decorate the class. This survey was then administered to our class by five other students. It was great to see students talking about percentages and comparing pie graphs in a context that was not even supposed to be a math lesson. Learning can take place in all contexts and it is awesome when it is student led and the teacher just sits back and lets the magic happen. I am letting my students survey the intermediate students to select their music for the next school dance. I am also hoping to survey the school in the near future about extra curricular activities they would like to see in our school. Data management is proving to be an all encompassing area of study and is creating amazing student leadership! Try it out at your own school and see your students become teachers. They loved seeing the results from their survey matter and saw how action took place right away.

Updated: December 5, 2016 — 7:52 pm

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I am a permanent teacher in the HWDSB, currently teaching grade seven and eight. This is my eighth year teaching! I am thrilled to be back in the classroom and look forward to sharing my experiences.

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  1. Gay Ahmed says:

    Kelly, I was excited to see you take on this challenge. What an enterprising teacher you are with such great ideas!I wish you well for next year.

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