Attributes-Based Approach

Top 10 things I learned from Linda Beacham

For the past seven years I was so lucky to work with an amazing colleague and special needs advocate, Linda Beacham. She passed away on Monday and she is going to be greatly missed by myself and all those who had the pleasure of working with her. She was famous for her sense of humour […]

Fine Weather for an Outdoor Library

Only recently have we been able to take advantage of some lovely warm, sunny days. Spring time has been rather elusive, bringing exceptionally cold weather and very muddy school yard conditions. So it was with great joy this week that we were able to take our class library outdoors, along with sunhats and sunglasses, to […]

Trust and Verify

Mike Beetham

This is a fantastic new phrase I came upon. I have been experimenting with it in my class over the last two months. As I work with my special needs students I am always looking for new ways to say the same message. A key component that I strive to accomplish in my classroom is […]

Accountable Talk

Mike Beetham

Students love to talk and some students love to talk more than others. That isn’t a bad thing! Talking is and should be an essential component of every classroom. The key is to help students understand the different types of talk that will take place at school. I teach my students the term ‘on task […]

The Power of Show and Tell

There is a table in my classroom that is called La table de découvertes (Discovery Table). On it you can find things that I have collected with my family, mostly when my own children were young; there are some seashells, plenty of rocks, 2 bird’s nests, a small log gnawed and shaped by beavers, snake […]

A class full of teachers

It is now February and our class environment is finally starting to settle in. I recently wrote a quote for my class to help us remember a very important rule, that when one person is trying to lead everyone else should be listening. The quote I wrote was “Knowing when to listen is just as […]

Celebrate Fabulousness

In my grade 3 French Immersion class, the following is something we do to help everyone feel special on St. Valentine’s Day. You need a few days to complete the activity, depending on the number of students in your class and how fast they work. The idea is to make an “I am Fabulous” book.  […]

Why I Love Teaching “Unusual” Things

I have a bit of a reputation for being a quirky teacher. My students can often be found in the hallways at school, engaged in some strange new whim that I have managed to tie into the curriculum in some way. There just isn’t enough room in a traditional classroom for my students to really […]

Gentle Reminders

Greetings and welcome! I don’t know about you, but every September, just like my students, I still feel the excitement and anticipation for the new school year! This year is certainly no exception and I hope you are looking forward to your year, trusting in your professional integrity, your training and experience, and your decision […]

Backward Planning To A Classroom Community

Mike Beetham

I would like to take a few lines to introduce myself to new readers or re-acquaint myself to regular bloggers. My name is Mike Beetham and I am entering into my 30th exciting year of teaching and look forward to the learning opportunities that will take place for me as I continually strive to enhance […]

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