Taking Care of Us

How do you push forward when you feel like you are failing?

So often as educators, we feel like we are just failing. It is a common feeling, especially among new teachers. The term “teacher burnout” is often used to describe the exhaustion, both physically and mentally, that comes from teaching. Teacher burnout is especially common in the first few years of teaching. Teaching in Ontario is […]

The Hardest Thing I’ve Done as a Teacher

A month ago, I had to suddenly and somewhat unexpectedly leave my teaching job to go on sick leave. Being pregnant, I knew that at some point this year I would be handing off my class to a stranger, but a big part of me was relying on having lots of notice that it was […]

Getting Sick in September

Three weeks into the school year, and it happens. One day, my throat gets a little sore and then the next day, my voice is completely gone. Laryngitis. Professional hazard. Communication chakra shut down. And what is a teacher to do without a voice? This cold was a humdinger – in my entire teaching career, […]

Personal – Professional Balance

Mike Beetham

Just a few more hours of marking. I can coach  three teams this fall. Sure, I will gladly help out with the school musical. No, sorry I can’t spend time with you this weekend I have work to do. I will just have to cancel my time at the gym again for that parent meeting. […]

Staying on Top of Your Professional Profile

Heart Picture

It’s that time of year again.  Its report card and parent-teacher interview time, but also for eligible to hire teachers without permanent contracts, long-term occasional teachers, and occasional teachers it’s about the time to re-apply to boards for hiring for the next year. It’s an important process because if we don’t do it properly and […]


Like Roz, since September,  I have been up really late most nights planning, organizing, assessing, and trying to keep up with board and school initiatives.   Most nights, I go to bed t feeling good about the engaging activities I have planned for my students.  Then the alarm rings 5 – 6 hours later… I find […]

Taking Care of Me

IEPs, religious holidays, released professional learning, extra curricular, occasional teacher plans, parent meetings, and report cards in two weeks. I forgot to mention all the family obligations. Where do I find time for myself? Right about now is where heads are spinning and tension starts building. The school year has barely begun and I have […]

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