If you choose to use the program Bitstrips, students will submit their completed assignments directly to you via the program. To evaluate them, you will do so by logging into the program. I gave my students a rubric with the criteria we developed together as a class. This serves as a checklist and allows them to know in advance how the assignment will be assessed (see attachment). Usually, I have an Author’s Share where students present their work in their groups but since there are no hard copies, I just modified it somewhat. I provided each student with a total of 4 rating scales and posted all of assignments to the “Class Gallery”. They had a list of 3 students whose work they had to evaluate using the established criteria and lastly, evaluated their own work as a form of self assessment. This provided me with lots of input when doing my own assessment. Also available for viewing online at Bitstrips are samples of student work to get an idea of what they were able to accomplish and see how the program functions. All in all, it was a positive experience which provided a nice creative alternative for students who are not the best artists. Below are some suggestions that I would follow the next time.

You can access the link at:

vouloir pouvoir comic grille d’evaluation

vouloir c’est pouvoir comic rubric

*Have students complete their written scripts in full before proceeding to the computers. Because I was away for a day, I had them start with the program which made it very difficult to get them off the computers to go back and complete their drafts. Given the unexpected length of time it took to complete (about 8 classes), I would evaluate at several stages (vocabulary brainstorming, rough draft, 2 scenes, etc) and also have deadlines in place along the way to ensure that all students are progressing at more or less the same pace.



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