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I just wanted to share about an exciting digital tool I have been trying for a few months now. Google classroom is an organized way of creating a document on google drive and then having it available on google for all your students to use. Google classroom can create a separate copy for each student as if you have printed them all off their own copy. This helps the environment and is awesome if you have a supply in or did not save time to photocopy.

The great feature about this program is once a student “turns in” their work, you can submit their mark to them online. You just add the mark in the mark column and then they get it back in their google classroom accounts.

I am hoping one day to use this for all assignments but for now, it was great to use for a grade 7/8 writing assignment as they used their typing skills to help get their ideas down faster. They also stayed organized and it was my way of ensuring all documents were turned it at the end of class.

Another feature includes the students not being able to re-open their document until the teacher has added their mark. They can turn it in again if they need to change something but only after it has been graded the first time. Since it is turned it at the end of class, students cannot add anything at home.

To use this program, look in to your google classroom account and simply click “Create Class”. I promise you will all love this paperless tool! nexus2cee_google-classroom-creat-728x363

Updated: May 2, 2018 — 11:48 am

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I am a new permanent instrumental music teacher/librarian in the Hamilton Wentworth School Board and am really excited for the opportunity to teach and learn in many different classroom settings. I have an instrumental music focus but love to teach all subjects! I am excited to share my experiences online.

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