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  • I Heard the Fall Sing
    Whispers of wind flowing on a breeze. Sounds like rushing waters, a flowing stream, a quiet river. Leaves no longer green, but reds, yellows, browns or bare. The nip of frost just within reach in the air. Where does it all go? Time, that is. We have winter, spring, summer, then FALL. We fall back … Continue reading I Heard the Fall Sing
  • Bringing Back the Class Read Aloud
    If anyone out there can find Ms.Jordan from Brookmill PS in Agincourt, I want to thank her for reading aloud Island of the Blue Dolphins when I was in grade 5. I remember the intense emotions the story evoked. At one point, Ms. Jordan was overwhelmed and asked me to finish reading a heart-wrenching scene … Continue reading Bringing Back the Class Read Aloud
  • Lost in Translation
    I was looking forward to showing Ali* the science video that day.  Ali had arrived at our school several years earlier, when he was in grade 2.  If he found sudden immersion in a new country and unfamiliar language at all unsettling, this confident 8 year-old didn’t show it. Despite having only beginner English skills, … Continue reading Lost in Translation
  • Pay Attention!
    “Pay Attention!” I can’t begin to count the number of times I’ve said that to my students over the years. I’d bet many of you can say the same. We often think that our students come to school ready to learn and have all the necessary skills to be good learners. The reality is they … Continue reading Pay Attention!
Heart and Art of Teaching and Learning book cover

The book, The Heart and Art of Teaching and Learning: Practical Ideas and Resources for Beginning Teachers, is meant to be the beginning of sharing and learning with each other, which includes practical tips on setting up your own classroom, building inclusion, working with parents and more.