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  • Why Representation Matters in Your Teaching Practice
    Growing in Ontario as a second generation Filipino largely involved learning someone else’s histories and stories – voyageurs, cowboys, settlers, fur traders, and a whole slew of white protagonists. I didn’t know that I was missing any perspectives, and happily read my way through Shakespeare, Salinger and Austen, dreaming of studying English literature in university. … Continue reading Why Representation Matters in Your Teaching Practice
  • 4 Ways to Welcome Students from Refugee Situations
    Students that come from refugee situations are a unique group that differ from other newcomer students. Some may have fled their homes due to persecution and war. Others have endured long journeys through different countries, often without a clear destination. Some may have witnessed acts of violence against families and loved ones, or have been … Continue reading 4 Ways to Welcome Students from Refugee Situations
  • Professional Learning
    Educators are such a hard working and dedicated lot. We spend time preparing for work and often seek opportunities to improve our learning and thinking outside of the school day. In my work as a local executive member, I am commonly asked to recommend some great professional learning that is both practical and reflective. If … Continue reading Professional Learning
  • Being Gentle With Myself
    As mentioned in a previous post, it’s a new year and I’m at a new school. I often forget that so much goes into learning about a new place, space or community. I’m trying not to be too hard on myself for not knowing the space and I’m asking questions. In this post, I’m sharing … Continue reading Being Gentle With Myself
Heart and Art of Teaching and Learning book cover

The book, The Heart and Art of Teaching and Learning: Practical Ideas and Resources for Beginning Teachers, is meant to be the beginning of sharing and learning with each other, which includes practical tips on setting up your own classroom, building inclusion, working with parents and more.