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  • P.A. day
    Psst. The ‘s’ in P.A. is silent. Well that would be how many outside of education might see these days when staff are at schools while students frolic and faff about with their families. Nothing could be further from that misconception. I wonder if there are any educators left who can recall a time in … Continue reading P.A. day
  • The Brain Chemistry of a Positive Learning Environment
    September, a time to set the foundation for a positive school year. There is an old adage, “Don’t smile until December”, but that is no longer thought to be the most effective approach.  We know that confident students are more willing to take risks and they will learn new routines and information more readily. Learning … Continue reading The Brain Chemistry of a Positive Learning Environment
  • Radical Dreaming
    The beginning of a new school year brings so much excitement. After all of these years, I still get butterflies before the first day. I look forward to seeing my fellow staff members, meeting new students, and creating a community together. During this time, I also think about setting goals. This year I’m finding it … Continue reading Radical Dreaming
  • 10 years later…
    It is officially my tenth September starting the school year. I am so excited to blog once again this year and share the experiences from my grade 7/8 classroom. As I reflect on the past ten years, there are many things I have learned. Things I have stopped doing, continued doing and started doing. I … Continue reading 10 years later…
Heart and Art of Teaching and Learning book cover

The book, The Heart and Art of Teaching and Learning: Practical Ideas and Resources for Beginning Teachers, is meant to be the beginning of sharing and learning with each other, which includes practical tips on setting up your own classroom, building inclusion, working with parents and more.