On March 31st, one of the last things I thought about before going to sleep was that I had not organized an April Fool’s joke for the morning. When my kids were little or when I had a class of my own I would often have some little April Fool’s thing going on. But now as a semi-retired teacher doing supply teaching it hadn’t really been on my radar. And besides this year April Fool’s Day fell on a holiday Monday and I had a busy weekend. I was looking forward to really relaxing on April 1st.

My brain had other ideas. 

I’ve had my share of teacher dreams. You know the ones that start in August and you’re worrying about not going to school on the right day or that you haven’t worn the right clothes or maybe any clothes. As I aged I started to have dreams about my teeth falling out and I’ve had dreams where I was blind and plenty of driving dreams where the brakes don’t work or the car is going in reverse only.

In the predawn hours of April 1st I was dreaming of a perfectly relaxing day at the beach. I had food and drink packed, a great novel, sandals and a floppy hat. I knew there was a school nearby and in this dream I planned to visit the school to use the washroom. I settled in the beach chair briefly when I realized that I would have to make my first trip to the school.

In this dream universe I was going into a school that I was familiar with because I had supplied there before. I arrived at the school just as the students were entering and the hallways were chaotic. A teacher spotted me and called out that she had been looking for me and that I would need to be in her class for the next 40 minutes. 

The look of shock on my face must have been quite noticeable to her because she explained that my name was on the board in the office and I had a schedule of prep coverage to do that day. 

At this point I really wondered what was going on. Was I dreaming? I had many questions. Wasn’t today was supposed to be a holiday? Why would I planning to use the school washroom on a holiday? How could I forget that I was supposed to be at work? I was sent into a swirling panic thinking I’d be teaching in my beach cover up. I snapped out of my deep sleep and into an awakened state of confusion.

I opened my calendar and there was the explanation I needed.

April Fools!


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