Preparing for the LTO List

With the new regulation coming into play for the next school year, many teacher are (or have already) been preparing themselves for their interviews to get onto the LTO List.

With this new regulation, each and every board is a little different, but with my board, anyone who has supplied for 10 consecutive months, can apply for the LTO List. Once on the list, anyone who has completed a 4 month or longer LTO can apply for contract positions.

This time of the year is typically a very busy and stressful time. With report cards, and finishing up curriculum, stress levels are very high. But when you add an “all or nothing” interview into the mix that greatly shapes your future, stress levels are at an all time high.

I had my LTO List interview 2 weeks ago. Although I have not heard any news as of yet (we find out next week), there were many things I did to help myself prepare for the interviews. Here are some tips of things that I did, that may help you when preparing for the LTO List interview (or any interview at that):

  • I read through and highlighted the Growing Success Document, as well as the Guide to Effective Instruction in Language and Math
  • I brainstormed questions that I thought may be asked, and created some answers to these questions, using as many of the “buzz words” as I could think of
  • I spent a lot of time on my school board’s website looking at various things about the board that may help me answer questions. Some things I looked at were the board’s vision, improvement plans, school improvement plans, new programs, etc.
  • Finally, I had my current administrator come in to observe a lesson of mine, and fill out a TPA-like evaluation on me. This would be used as proof that I have had a successful LTO. Having someone come in to observe you teach, and who will be a reference for you, is always an excellent idea!

Again, I have yet to hear anything, but I am very hopeful to get onto the LTO List. Yes, this is a stressful situation, but you CAN do it! Good luck to all the teachers going through this process!

Updated: May 31, 2013 — 11:58 am

The Author

Katie Pryde

I am a Kindergarten teacher at Joshua Creek Public School in the Halton District School Board. I have previous experience in Grade 1, Grade 3, Phys. Ed and Library positions. I am a very enthusiastic, and dedicated teacher- I believe that all students should feel respected, appreciated and safe in the classroom, and I ensure I provide this for all my students.

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