Activities for Community Building in A Special Needs Class

This year, I am new to my school. My students are all new to the school. 2 out of 3 ERFs in the class are also new to the school. It is a whole bunch of new!! With all this newness,  we have spent a lot of September getting to know each other and our school. Figuring out where everything is and exploring our school has helped us develop a sense of pride and community within our new class and school. Here are a few activities that we used to get to know our school and each other:

1. School Scavenger Hunt

In the first week of school, we took the class on a few scavenger hunts. We looked for things that were really practical such as:

                                                                                               the office


   or the water fountains

water fountains

But I also included some really cool items in my school such as “The Kindness Rock Project” to help develop a sense of pride about the school.

Rock picture


The sheet that we used for our search is here: School Scavenger Hunt

2. During our Morning Meeting,  we took some time to get to know each other

We learned about how I love riding motorcycles as we testing out my jacket.


We learned about how Miss. Gale is really into hockey


We learned about a love for swimming

Safrin and Kashvi

and a love of reading


3. We also had all of our families visit us for an ice cream party before school began.

Kabin ice cream

Relationships are the foundation of any successful classroom and will help us on our journey of learning this year.




Updated: September 30, 2018 — 2:20 pm

The Author

Tammy Axt

I am a teacher of students with special needs in the Peel District School Board. This is my third year in the role and I am in the middle of a steep learning curve! I am loving every minute of this new experience with my amazing and awesome students.

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