Beginnings and Endings

We are so lucky to have a career that has built-in beginnings and endings.

Beginnings are inspiring and exciting. September brings us a brand new year. For some of us, it will also bring a new grade, new school, new students, new classroom, or some combination of those things. It’s a chance to start fresh, reinvent, rethink and make changes.

Endings bring about mixed emotions. Sometimes there’s a feeling of relief, perhaps after a particularly challenging year, or a year that you felt you weren’t at your best. By the end of June, many of us are exhausted. Endings bring an opportunity to slow down, reduce stress and focus on our own health and well-being. Most importantly, endings give us a chance to reflect.

The best part is that after every ending, comes a new beginning. On a personal level, I am really looking forward to a new beginning in September. I feel that I’ve learned and grown so much as an educator this year and I’m eager to get into my next classroom and apply that learning. The ending to this last school year was a sad one for me, as I said goodbye to a wonderful school and students that I love dearly, but this has only made me even more excited to see what comes next.

Are you feeling inspired by the new beginning that September will bring? What have you reflected on in June that will change you as you head into September?


Updated: June 29, 2019 — 11:35 pm

The Author

Laura Bottrell

Laura is a Grade 3/4 teacher with HWDSB. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Youth & Children's Studies and is a Registered Early Childhood Educator. She believes in the power of play and inquiry-based learning, no matter the grade. With a passion for the arts, Laura is an advocate for the arts in education and is currently the director of a theatre performance program for Kindergarten aged students!

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