teaching without a classroom

Meet the Teacher Night – Introducing Yourself to Parents

Seeing their children’s classroom environment and meeting their teacher (who spends the largest chunk of the day with them) is a top priority for many parents. As a parent myself, it’s important for me to put a face to the name and to get a read on how their teacher’s personality and how they interact […]

French a la carte

I’m not sure who coined that expression but if I wasn’t a Core French teacher, it would bring to mind the image of a quaint dessert trolley featuring a variety of artfully baked pastries. Funnily enough, when I typed in that subject heading to get some different ideas of carts on the market, that is […]

Teaching on the Run

I have recently returned from mat leave to my usual position of Core French Teacher in Grades 7 and 8 (not easy to get out of that one…) but this time with a major change which has greatly impacted my job – no classroom. For the past 10 years, I have always had the luxury of […]

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