Happy Thanksgiving Weekend!

For most of us, this is a weekend to relax with close family while eating turkey, but for many families, the deadline is looming close as they have until Monday to decide if their child will be returning to the physical classroom or not. In my school board, our re-organization date where students will either re-enter or leave the classroom is November 3rd. Therefore, families have to make the choice after less than a month of on-line/in class learning.

To help families make their choice, I gave parents an update about how their child was fairing in our online classroom. That, combined with the updated COVID case numbers, may help parents make the tough decision. I have spoken to many students and teachers about the current situation we are in right now. In the physical classroom, you can chat with peers (while keeping your distance), you can see your teacher/students face to face and you can spend recess/DPA periods outside while playing together. Yes, masks have to be worn at all times and you need to keep your distance so that does make the day a bit challenging. When online, you can hear from many students at once with the use of microphone and chat features, you can stay safe while in the comfort of your own home and you can meet new students from around the school board. There are many pros and cons to both but ultimately, the decision may  based on a complicated family health history or so much more than we could know about.

I am anxiously awaiting the results of this survey as families decide. Some teachers may be asked to return from the online classroom to the physical classroom but my guess is many more teachers will be declared surplus at their school as more online classrooms are created. Who knows what lies ahead but I do know that I feel for parents this weekend as they try to explain to their children why they must keep them online or send them back to the classroom. These are challenging times and as usual, I do not know what to expect for the November 3rd re-organization date.

Hope all is well out there fellow educators.


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