What’s On My Professional Learning Bookshelf?

A question that sometimes comes up in my ongoing teaching-learning cycles with colleagues and beginning teachers is, “What books do you recommend I read for my own learning?”  Yikes, this is a tough one!  As teachers, the truth is that if we were to pile up the professional learning books we’ve read and/or used throughout our careers we’d easily surpass the height of the CN Tower (I know you it to be true)!

I tend to prefer sharing some of my favourites and those on my shelf at this moment.  The following books are ones I’m currently going through (and enjoying!) because of insights, lessons, questions, and reflections they’ve sparked in my professional learning.  I’ve added the links to their websites which I find very helpful.

Tuned Out: Engaging the 21st Century Learner- Karen Hume

This book invites readers to both rethink what it means to teach and learn in a digital age and put those ideas into action.  The ideas are practical, closely tied to current learning theories, and important to take into consideration within the current reality of how students learn and become engaged.  Along with the book an educator can use the website which becomes a virtual classroom for teachers to both gather and share ideas.  This resource helps educators realize an energized, student-focused classroom that takes advantage of today’s digital technologies.



What Do They Really Know? Assessment That Informs Teaching and Learning- Cris Tovani

This book explores the complex issue of monitoring, assessing, and grading students’ thinking and performance with fairness and consistency.  The author admits to struggling to balance her student-centered instruction wit school system mandates.  Her recommendations are realistic and practical and understands that what isn’t manageable isn’t sustainable.  Cris shows teachers how to use assessments to monitor student growth and provide targeted feedback that enables students to master content goals.

Below are a link to a blog and an interview with the author about the book.








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  1. Carmen.Oliveira says:

    Thank you so much for voicing your appreciation! I certainly enjoy sharing my ideas and experiences with educators and it will hopefully continue to bring us together to create better teaching and learning opportunities for ourselves and our students.

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