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As a way to help students represent themselves in a positive way online, at the beginning of my LTO I introduced a program on my blog. It is called the weekly five and it encourages students to choose three of five weekly activities.

On Monday they can answer the question or complete the task under the heading on my blog entitled “My Blog Mondays”. This question will relate to a subject or task that is the focus that week.

On Tuesday, students have the chance to post a video under the heading “Tube Tuesdays” as they are encouraged to find meaningful and inspiring youtube videos to match a topic. For parts of a ¬†story, the students were encouraged to choose a video that captures one of the parts of a story. This encourages them to look for videos that suit a specific purpose and will also inspire them to be better identifiers and writers for different parts of the story.

On Wednesday, students are asked to come in to class and be prepared to discuss a topic or a project that they need help with. Starting this Wednesday, I will select the students and help them get on track and stay organized for a topic or subject I see them struggling with.

On Thursday, students are asked to come prepared with research for a topic on my blog. The topic is posted in the form of a picture and they are asked to discuss the progression from that older item to the item that we have today. An example that the students really loved was the old version of a phone. They came prepared with discussion related to the progression of phones worldwide.

On Fridays, which is the most popular post of all, is when students are asked to post on the “Feeling Instagood Friday” section of my blog of a photo taken or chosen by another student. They are to post a suitable caption for the photo and the best caption will be chosen as the following week’s photographer. This encourages students to use our blog as a practice tool for when or if they have instagram. They should be posting meaningful comments and appropriate comments to other’s photos.

This is just one way I use technology in the classroom. By making my blog an active daily tool, students will also use it to remind them of updates and events going on in the classroom. If you would like to view my blog the link is




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I am a permanent teacher in the HWDSB, currently teaching grade seven and eight. This is my eighth year teaching! I am thrilled to be back in the classroom and look forward to sharing my experiences.

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