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Adding onto my last post about the excellent book I read, “Creative Schools”, I would like to expand on an idea from Sir Ken Robinson. He spoke of a program called “Fresh Grade” where you would take pictures of student’s work and you would store that online. These are online student portfolios where you directly take photos of their work and comment on these photos. You can set up parents to be the eyes of the account so that each day or week, depending on the time you would like to take to update this, your parents will see the work of their children. Sir Ken talks about not including marks on these tasks as we have become too mark orientated as a whole generation. I have included comments on students work and I have made sure to include next steps for the parents to see. I hope to continue using this program “Fresh Grade”.

My next step is to contact parents asking permission to email them the portfolio that goes with their child’s work. The letter I will create to go with the portfolio is yet to be created and I would love advice of how to create that letter! I hope to attach the parent’s email to their child’s account so the communication of student work is always ongoing!

I cannot wait to see the reaction from parents and I hope that this app interests them.

Updated: January 5, 2016 — 6:52 pm

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I am a permanent teacher in the HWDSB, currently teaching grade seven and eight. This is my eighth year teaching! I am thrilled to be back in the classroom and look forward to sharing my experiences.

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