Like Roz, since September,  I have been up really late most nights planning, organizing, assessing, and trying to keep up with board and school initiatives.   Most nights, I go to bed t feeling good about the engaging activities I have planned for my students.  Then the alarm rings 5 – 6 hours later…

I find myself driving to school feeling beat.  What a terrible way to start a day.  I have come to realize that my great lessons turn out to be “not so great” when I can’t get myself out of second gear all day long.  I have decided to pack it in earlier most nights.  I may go to bed a little less planned, but I am getting 8 hours sleep.  Now, more often than not, my lessons turn out the way they were planned because I have more energy to move and think…and most importantly, I enjoy my students and their abundant energy so much more!




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