The (W)rap

The following is proof why I will never quit my day job for a career in entertainment.
Sung to the tune of Rapper’s Delight with apologies to the Sugar Hill Gang.


It’s June again and the heat is on,
School is buzzin’, students’ll soon be gone.

What’s that you say? No not yet.
You forgot to give one last test.

Too late my friends that’s all the learnin’
It’s time for the grades they’ve been earnin’.

10 months of fun fly by so fast.
Too bad, so sad these times don’t last.

But, that’s ok, not to fear,
We’ll all be back for another new year.

So say see you later, not goodbye
There’s no need to dry your eyes.

Take time to celebrate your endeavors,
Kick back, and relax. Take time to recover.


Before you shut the door for the final time this June, take time to look back on all of the amazing things you were part of in your classroom this year? Maybe it was a break through in Math or Language. Perhaps it was a victory in classroom management? Don’t forget the “a-ha!” moments where it seemed like all of the light bulbs over your students’ heads went on at once. Make sure to pack your boxes of memories tightly. Holding on to each one, because it is the sum of these experiences that continue to inspire, shape, and fuel your practice.

Look at the lives you made better for students where you invested time to coach teams, organize a concert, or lead a club. Cherish the moments of learning outside of the curriculum. The minutes you have shared will add up to a life time of difference in the lives of learners. Think about the mentorship you provided a new teacher, or the warm welcome you gave to an OT.  Take time to remember all of the good you’ve brought to education this year.

Congratulations to everyone for another amazing year of education at the speed of life. It is an honour to share the journey of education with you all.  May your time away be truly be relaxing and restorative.

Updated: June 22, 2017 — 1:55 pm

The Author

Will Gourley

P/J lead learner and SERT at Adrienne Clarkson PS in the YRDSB. Focused on disruptive, and divergent modern learning. Member of the global TED-Ed(Club) movement, 1 of 110 TED Ed Innovative Educators, and Global Math Project Ambassador. Twitter @willgourley Proudly blogging here and at

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