personal wellness

One Sore Throat and Two Stomach Flus

Today in my class, I have one really bad sore throat and two of the ERFs in my classroom are off with the stomach flu. So, I thought today might be a good day to talk about personal wellness. We are coming up to the last three weeks of school before the break and these […]

Personal Wellness

It is at the end of April every year when my personal wellness goes out the window and work seems to take over my life. There are so many events as we gear up for the end of the year, that I often feel like I am a hamster on a running wheel trying desperately […]

Taking care of yourself in December

Now that the hustle and bustle of progress reports is done and parent-teacher interview night is over, I am exhausted. I find this time of the year to be the longest stretch of the school year and these next four weeks to be the most demanding on me mentally and physically. Although my body and […]

Personal Wellness

It is that time of year where your steps are getting a little slower and your energy is starting to dwindle. There are concerts coming up, progress reports to write and a million other little things to do before the next five and a half weeks wrap up. Usually I handle this chaos with a […]

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