With 9 days left of school, many classrooms around the province are starting to wind down. But not us! Here at my school, we are gearing up to the craziest, wildest show that will take place on the last day of school.

The idea for what is now known as the “variety show” came out of a need for something to keep students engaged on the last day of school. The premise began and has remained very simple. If your class would like to attend an entertaining performance, then they must prepare something for the show. Also, anything and everything is welcome in the show. In past shows we have had classes tell jokes, make up a play, do dances or sing songs. This year, we will be entertained by a glow stick dance, a stomp inspired basketball routine, kazoo “name that tune” and a variety of other performances. Classes usually use the last two weeks of school to practice a little bit every day.

Sometimes teachers approach the music or drama teachers to help with ideas and we are happy to help. Many of my ideas that I share come from YouTube. I just search something like “grade 5 basketball stomp performance” into YouTube and tons of ideas come up.

In between each performance, the drama teacher and I (decked out in a crazy costume) entertain the audience. We use chants like Boom Chicka Boom or tell cheesy jokes. We also do lots of cheering and build up school spirit. In the past we have ended the show by singing a song like Bruno Mars’ “Count On Me” as we celebrate all the friends we have made this year.

The drama, music and gym departments work together to make the schedule and provide any technical support required. We plan the show so that the groups alternate the performance space between the stage and the gym floor. This keeps the show moving at a very quick pace and keeps everyone on task. When each class is done performing, they go right back to their spot in the audience.

Sometimes when we are feeling extra energetic, we put a staff act into the mix. The students always love seeing their teacher dance or sing to Beyoncé or Rush.

Our “Variety Show” Keeps things positive until the final school bell rings.


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