I see you, educators, during these stressful days. Working hours on report cards, planning engaging lessons, thinking about graduations, end of year celebrations, and maintaining all of this with a smile each day.

I feel your joyful moments, educators, during these sunny days. Finding moments of shared humour with students, laughing with them during classes and letting them know how much you care. Cultivating relationships with your colleagues where you can support one another through this last month of the school year.

I know it’s hard, educators, during these demanding days. It’s hard to imagine the work will ever be done, deadlines will ever be met, and that in a few short weeks we will be saying good-bye to students who occupy a space in our hearts and lives.

I share your excitement, educators, during these inspiring days. Reflecting on how far the students have come, their growth, and their friendships. Seeing the difference you have made this school year as you have worked shoulder to shoulder with children to help them realize their potential.

I understand your wonder, educators, during these evolving days. Some of us are taking on new roles or challenges in your school board or union and wondering what the next year will bring. Some of us are retiring and wondering about what life will be like in September without school bells and announcements to guide our days. Some of us are moving to a new school with curiosity and excitement about what change will bring. Some of us are in the same positions and already reflecting and planning ahead about what we’ll do differently next year.

I recognize myself in each of us, educators, during these very full days. I, too, am making lists so I don’t forget anything. I’m writing notes and sticky notes and putting them in places to remind myself of things I want to think about when I have some time later. I’m using my timer to make sure I schedule in enough work time – but also enough break time – and stocking up on soooo many snacks and caffeine and sparkling water to get me through the next few weeks.

I’m embracing emotions with you, educators, during these June days. Embracing all of the range of emotions we both feel, similarly and differently, each June. I’m holding space for the messiness, for the chaos, for the joy, and for every beautiful moment while knowing that it’s all just a few weeks before it ends.


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