It’s Summertime, and the living is Easy.

It’s time to put on your Sailing Shoes, and for Dancing in the Street.
So Jump Around and Get Cool on each Lovely Day.
No need for the Summertime Blues just because it’s Too Darn Hot.

All we can do in this Heatwave is Sweat because it feels like 96 Degrees in The Shade.
We need to Cool it Down, Take it Slow, Relax, and Let Your Backbone Slide.

I know it’s  Tricky trying to avoid any Canned Heat, especially when you’re trying to Finish What Ya Started in September. Take Courage because you are nearly at your Destination.

You have fought The Good Fight. You’ve Given your all. You left it all On the Floor.

So as you Close The Door, Take A Bow, and say Goodbye, take time to remember all of the great things that you have accomplished this year. Don’t Look Back in Anger, or feel Hurt, but rather take time to Appreciate and Celebrate all of your hard work.

Whether you are (Sittin’ On) the Dock of the Bay, Groovin’ by the lake, or Runnin’ along the Riverside, over this earned break, look forward to Shining Bright once again in September.

Linger longer over that morning cup of Coffee. Get lost in another chapter of a new favourite book. Go an extra mile (1.6km) when you Take a Walk or train for a Bicycle Race. Visit Somewhere New where you have always wanted to go, but never had the chance before now. Have your own treats day to share with Family/Friends each week.

However you spend your days, Be Good to Yourself. Make the most of every moment as you Recharge. You have earned it.


I love music. In this post I must have listened to over 100 songs. Not all resonated with my ears, but the ones I have shared above did. Some are more precise than others and whether a particular track mirrored the message or merely paralleled it in spirit, I hope you give them all a listen.


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