We are Educators, Professional leaders. I will walk with pride into this new school year ready to embrace all that we will accomplish.

This year I have begun with a plan to organize the classes I have and subjects I teach to ensure I have as much cross curricular overlap as possible.  My assignment has changed again as it does almost every year for the past 15 years.  I will be responsible for Grade 5/6 Language Arts, Science and Health as well as Grade 7/8 Language Arts, Science and Health.  I have taught Science many years and know this curriculum in depth. Health, is a topic which I will tread on lightly and openly.

I spend a third of my day in a Self contained classroom too.  I preform best with a visual of the overall year.  I have chosen to create an Excel document with the various subjects and the learning goals. I am also using “Planning for Student Learning” templates. I have adapted these for my particular needs and find them organized in a helpful, at a glance chart. https://shop.etfo.ca/products/planning-for-student-learning

I often say don’t use your summer or time off for planning but my practice is different. I must balance my down time with chunks of planning, life responsibilities and self care. I have found some amazing programs which can compliment the school population and promote Healthy living. “Best Buddies” https://bestbuddies.ca/about-our-programs/elementary-schools/  is a program I am introducing to our school this year. It looks like a great way to provide social interaction with all.

Here’s to all the work you did to welcome everyone this school year.


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