This is a much needed time for everyone.  The sunlight is increasing. The snow is melting. The temperatures are increasing.  What a time to celebrate?

During this much needed break our government has decided to make announcements of change.  This is quite the political tacticDistraction from what they want us to know. Politicians have become good at using others to create distractions so we don’t see what they are trying to distract us from.

Many events world wide surround us with violence and hate.  These political announcements contribute to the negative feelings of change when times are uncertain.  This makes for troubling times for many.

As educated, caring people stand together and support each other.  Acknowledge the trying times and stand up to the hate. As I walk through my daily life, I make a point to be extra kind. I smile. I pay it forward. I do what I can without using all my resources.  The ripple effect then begins to grow.

During this time of change and political play, stand strong while supporting each other in all areas of this world. We can make a difference.  There is a great history of strife to be where we are today.  We have many strides to make towards a healthy supportive world. These times of political play cause negative energies.  We can stand together to defend all of our rights. Support each other in every way that you are capable. Take time for self care and ask others for help when needed to stay the course.

“We are not equal until everyone is equal.”



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