Report cards are in the final stages, IEP’s being developed, interviews upcoming and we still continue on with our long term academic plans. Term 2 is now underway and it seems that our daily workload has doubled as we try to fit all of the above items in. This is a critical time to also put into place a plan for your personal wellness. How will you balance all of the professional demands you are faced with and still make time for yourself?

This is a time of year where stress levels rise and as teachers we tend to put our professional obligations above all else, even if that is detrimental to our health. We will tell ourselves that the March Break is not that far away or I can rest up in summer or, or, or etc… It is essential that as we move into the very demanding time of year that we also plan for our own social and emotional wellness. For each individual that will look very different. For myself I have developed a practice of when something is added to my daily workload (like report card writing) I take away one item to make time for that. So this year I have delayed doing our annual class play until after the break where it will be a much better fit for me both professionally and personally. In addition I have booked every Sunday morning to go out either cross country skiing or snowshoeing with a close friend. By having other people part of my commitment I am now more obligated to follow-up on it as it is more than myself I am letting down. Personal wellness and lifestyle balance should be a part of every teacher’s yearly planning.


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