Thank you for everything that you have done this year.

Thank you for supporting students who felt isolated and alone.

Thank you for supporting students while you received unclear communication and direction from the Ministry of Education.

Thank you for becoming an expert in IT to support students and parents through device issues.

Thank you for your commitment to dismantling anti-Black racism.

Thank you for continuing to commit your precious free time to your own professional learning. I met so many of you in book talks, workshops, webinars and in AQs that I took this year. Your passion for learning is inspiring.

Thank you for self reflecting and acknowledging areas of needed growth.

Thank you for writing report cards, IEPs, transition reports etc. while at home and isolated from the usual support of your colleagues.

Thank you for supporting parents through this difficult time.

Thank you for working extensive hours to prepare for online learning.

Thank you for staring at a page of avatars for hours on end while teaching lessons enthusiastically.

Thank you for speaking out loudly against the hybrid model of instruction. I taught in a hybrid model this year and I can say from the experience that it is the absolute worst model for kids. No child or teacher should learn or instruct in this model.

Thank you for keeping 3-, 4- and 5-year-olds engaged during online learning.

Thank you for running online GSAs this year so our students who are members of the 2SLGBTQ+ community felt loved and supported.

Thank you for supporting your colleagues through some very difficult times with their mental health.

Thank you for teaching from home while trying to help your own children with online learning.

Thank you for everything that you have done this year. I am very proud to stand alongside you as a teacher in Ontario.


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