As French teachers, we have had a month or two to digest the 1 1/2 thick volume that came our way courtesy of the Ministry of Education:) This had been a long time coming – several years of anticipated release and a fair share of spoiler alerts. I must confess however to still being somewhat, shall I say intimidated when I actually had the full weight of it in my hands. In general, I would sum up the new approach as moving towards authentic communication in all aspects (reading, writing and speaking). This in itself sounds fantastic. In discussion with my co-workers and teachers at other schools, the following questions came up.
1) Are the suggested tasks overly ambitious? Writing articles? Describing career opportunities for bilingual workers in a brochure?
2) Would your students be able to comprehend/respond to the suggested teacher prompts?
3) Was getting rid of specific language/grammar expectations entirely (ex. futur proche in Gr. 7 and passé compose in Gr.8) a good idea?
4) Do the new resources support the suggested tasks – especially in the listening strand?
     Have you had the same thoughts? Has your board provided you with any helpful (practical) materials to implement the new curriculum? Any thoughts/feedback would be most welcome for French teachers everywhere. Merci beaucoup!


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