It’s another day when many school boards have made the decision to cancel buses because of imminently deteriorating weather conditions. While this morning appeared calm and the roads dry and clear on my commute, a massive weather event approached that was significant enough to set a flurry of board contingency plans into action. With first tweets chirping around 6 am, the news outlets began to spread the word.

As I sit at my desk and share this post, I know that families are scrambling to make arrangements to make sure their children are safe whether at home, in transit, and during the 6.5 hours from first bell to pick-up at school.

Cue the blizzard of retorts on social media. Today is the 5th cancellation of transportation this year and my school board(YRDSB et al) will undoubtedly see the comments pile up like the flakes outside.

Without sharing the Twitter handles here is a sampling pulled from today’s tweets to some GTA school boards:


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