Musings Of A New(ish) Teacher On The First Days Of The School Year

Happy first week back to school! This past Tuesday marked the beginning of my 9th year of teaching and I still feel a little bit like a newbie. Like many, I struggled with falling – and staying – asleep on Monday night. Every year I think that it will somehow be a little different and […]

Hello from Arianna Lambert

Hello! I am so excited to begin this blogging journey with Heart and Art. I look forward to connecting, sharing and learning together. Enjoy the rest of the summer.

Getting Past “The 5 Year Wall”

As a new elementary teacher, I believed I would really know what I was doing after 5 years of practice. After 5 years in my previous careers, I could handle just about anything. I had 8 years experience as a student in elementary school. And, yes, I had watched my elementary teachers teach. I thought, […]

Professional Reporting

Elementary Report Cards … the mere mention of report cards can send some teachers into anxious ridden days and sleepless nights. Even after 17 years of writing elementary report cards, I anticipated that my levels of anxiety would be non-existent but, no, for me, the thought of report card writing still stresses me out. I […]

Hello from Michelle Fenn

Hello everyone.  I am excited to be blogging with ETFO’s Heart and Art this year.  I can’t wait to begin collaborating with you.  You can follow me on Twitter @Toadmummy

Hello from Deb Weston

Looking forward to sharing my blogs with ETFO members. Deb Weston

A Beginning Teacher’s Journey: Part Three

I knew this day was coming and I’ve been preparing myself for quite a while, but it didn’t make my last day of school this year any easier. Sure, I’m excited for summer vacation but I had to say goodbye to the students, staff and school community that has taken over my time, my mind […]

Time to hit the Recharge Button

After an insanely busy week of graduations, speech competitions and numerous performances to say goodbye, I am official exhausted. It is time to close up my classroom and go home and hit the recharge button. I will miss my amazing students over the summer, but I know that the best thing that I can do […]

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