The stretch

It’s April. Phew! We made it through Winter.  It’s official because geese are honking on the playground. There’s more daylight, the snow is not staying on the ground, and my classroom is buzzing from the promise of Spring. Students’ activity levels are coming to life as the weather warms; even though, they’re prohibited from using the grass(mud/chance for grass […]

Drama in the Classroom: The Good Kind

When thinking of drama as a subject in our curriculum, it is easy to think of it only as a skill that can be learned and mastered. There are a lot of fundamental concepts that we teach – role play, character, relationship, time and place, tension, focus and emphasis. Our students love creating scripts, making […]

Lessons In Uganda

I have been fortunate enough to be on a two week secondment with CTF in Uganda Africa. This is my sixth visit to Africa and first to Uganda. I am working with a partner who is very knowledgeable on many countries of Africa and has spent a lifetime working in various capacities on the continent. Our purpose is in mobilizing communities to […]

The Groove

This is my follow up post to Am I Teaching in a Rut Without offending your musical sensibilities, I want those who might have been singing Madonna’s Get into the Groove, to turn it off of their mental playlist for a few minutes, and spin Stevie Wonder’s Higher Ground instead. It’s OK, if you have both battling it out in your brain. I […]

Feeling a little low? Make a sunshine call!

Throughout my teaching career, there have been many days where I have been overwhelmed by the tasks and expectations I place on myself as an educator. If that is you today, stop what you are doing and go make a sunshine call to one of the parents in your class. Delivering positive news will brighten […]

An Idea For Making Learning Fun – Pizza Box Puppet Theatres

Without a doubt, the highlight for this term’s drama classes in the primary grades has been the creation of puppet theatres. We have taken pizza boxes and stick puppets and acted out some familiar stories. The grade two students are currently working on completing their performance of “Where the Wild Things Are”. Leading up to our performances, […]

Am I teaching in a rut?

It’s March, and things are changing – again. The birds now welcome me to school most mornings with their spirited songs. Not to be outdone, Winter still attempts to poison as many perfectly sunny seasonal days with its cold, wind, and snow. Preparing for outside supervision has required that I keep all outdoor gear at the ready for another […]


The word ally is typically defined as a nation or state cooperating with another for a military purpose. As with most words it of course has been expanded for many uses but retains the meaning of being on your side. So the question I ask you today is, as a teacher who are your potential […]

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