Tick tock teachers, can you beat the clock?

The month of May is on the books, and with fewer than 20 instructional days for us in the classroom remaining in June, every minute is valuable. So, I’ll try to be brief.

Where is your time being apportioned to this June?

Concerts, bbqs, play days, graduations, grad trips, field trips, track and field, mandatory government standardized testing, final projects and presentations, assessments, report cards, ordering consumables, class placement meetings, staff meetings, packing up to move rooms, packing up to leave schools for new postings or after an LTO ends or after receiving a surplus/redundancy notice or one last time before retirement, and of course, there are the year end celebrations of learning with students and staff each and all are stretching teachers to the limit.

A number of educators I’ve spoken too share the same surprise that they feel it is all wrapping up too fast. One thing’s for sure, I do not have time to waste or to pop in a movie to ride out the year.

Not to be overlooked either, but some students are already beginning to check-out. Don’t forget the world outside of school which has its fill life’s extra-curriculars such as family, personal health/wellness, and the tauntings of a misbehaving/misinformed government too. Let’s face it, it can be overwhelming at times especially when there is a set number of days to get all of our work done.

How are you managing?

I am struggling with all of the above, but am always reflecting on how it can be easier next time. My school has a naturally evolved a number of buddy groups who cluster together over coffee or lunch to support one another. I have found myself checking in on colleagues who tend to miss visiting the staff room. I have also been lunching with our caretakers lately. No matter where I have been breaking bread, I am able to listen to the stories of my peers, and to share when I feel frustrated or anxious too.

Sharing meal time within the different groups of our school team has been very insightful. I appreciate the relationships that are being formed as we do. I encourage everyone to do the same and step outside of their usual lunch groups to engage with someone different or new or who might only be visiting for a day as an OT.

So as you reflect on the past 9 months and prepare to finish strong, take time to encourage one another. Take time to reflect on all of the good you have done and give yourself permission to be proud of the hard work. Take a walk, grab a drink/meal with someone. Just avoid staying stuck in the same place if you can. There is so much we stand to gain from time with one another. It’s worth it. The more teachers I meet, and witness in action, the more I am proud of the work we are all doing on behalf of our students, families, and schools.

Tick, tock, less than 20 days left on the school clock.
Keep going, we’re in this together. We got this. #ETFOStrong



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