As some of you already know, when going for an interview, some type of comprehensive literacy question typically comes up. I have thought long and hard about my answer and I have got wonderful feedback based on my answers (I got got my current LTO simply because of my comprehensive literacy answer). One thing that I think is so very important is to show that you, as a teacher, enjoy cross-curriculum, and bring literacy into all of the other subject areas.

One way I have done this is by having a cross curricular word wall. I have created a legend that is on top of my word wall that explains to its readers what each colour of paper means. For example, Grey is the regular, everyday use words, pink is math words, green is social studies words, blue is science words, and orange is language words. I have yellow post-it notes as the students’ names. As we are still building up our word wall, there are not too many words, however, you start to see how the different colours add to the word wall and you can really see how to bring literacy into all the subject areas.


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