In my previous blog post “Lost in Translation” I discussed the many unexpected benefits of maintaining first language — and what might be lost if we do not.  Moving from the lost, to the found, I offer these free websites as possible tools we can use to build a multilingual framework in our classrooms. The following links contain books, articles, and guides translated into many languages.  A good number of these websites have audio functions built into them, allowing students to listen to content in both English and home languages. For those that do not, opening them on an iPad and using the accessibility “speak” function will usually allow audio readings in most languages.


Unite for Literacy

Storybooks Canada

World Stories

World Languages

Story Weaver

ERGO Live Well Books    

BBC News in Your Language

World Wildlife WWF

Canada Food Guide Multiple Languages

United Nations Global Issues


At the time of posting, all of these websites were up and running. May they continue to be for many years to come.

Happy Reading!


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